Ruth, Boaz and Christmas

The last few days I have been reading the book, “Ruth & Boaz: Strangers in the Land” by Terri Fivash. It’s a fascinating historical fiction piece based on the Biblical story of Ruth in the Old Testament. One of the recurring themes of the book is “hesed” (hehs-ehd) which means “voluntary kindness on the life-saving level done by the sole person able to do it.” Obviously this is a parallel to the grace God has shown us by coming to earth and dying for us. Definitely a Christmas theme.

But more than that, but book got me thinking about how much I show hesed to those around me. OK, maybe it’s not live-saving, but you never know. Do I stop often to do favors for people for no reason at all? Is hesed a way of life for me? I hope so.

An engaging and thought provoking story.