Photo Phun

I had some fun with photography the last couple days.  First, I took a high dynamic range (HRD) picture of the girls dorm here at Blue Mountain Academy.

Simply put, HDR merges three or more photos.  It takes the best of each to make the shadow areas visible and the overexposed areas have color and textures.  Here are the three images I used to create the one above:

I also took an HDR image of the BMA Church entrance.  This was taken in the evening just after the sun went behind the mountain.  The glow was still on the church steeple and the sun was still shining on the clouds.

This morning there was a beautiful sunrise with fog in the valley.  I grabbed my camera and tripod and went to the window and took some pictures.  The result as really surreal!

I showed this to students in the photography class there at BMA today.  They didn’t believe it was really a photograph until I showed them the originals on my camera.

Last night, I decided to do some night photography.  It was a blast!

These were all timed exposure without anything but existing light.  Then I got to thinking about putting myself in a picture…

Ah! The fun you can have with timed exposures…  But what about HDR at night?  Hmmm…

Hmmm.  What to do next?