The planning has begun.  We started dreaming after seeing the jPod build up close. Now we are starting our own.  A big project, but we can do it!  A lot of thanks to jPodBuild and his Senior Management for charting the way.  It has made our planing much less painful and scary.

We own a Jeep Cherokee (’90) that I just finishing up putting in a new engine.  It should pull a trailer just fine now!  Because of that we are also planing an off-road capable teardrop.

Materials List

  • Profile design from Lil’Bear.  We settled on the Lil’Bear pattern that we liked from Halfdome, Danny on the Mikenchell T&TTT forum – a very useful place.  Our trailer won’t be as fancy.  We love the aluminum skin, but will fore go that on this build as it wouldn’t stand up to the scrapes and bumps of off road travel.  We will also be modifying the lil’bear design by squaring off the bottom corners. Last Fall
  • Axle/Springs/Fenders/Swivel Jack – We ordered these from Southwest Wheel’s site. 11/29/08
  • Door Latch/Lock from e-Bay Store Parts-n-Stuff Etc.
  • Steel from Haskin’s Steel – Local Vender.
  • Rustolium for frame.
  • Plywood and 2x4s from Home Depot.

Teardrop Build Home

Trailer Plan

Frame/Floor/Walls attachment method

Frame/Floor/Walls attachment method