The Namu Project

Namu is a small island on the Namu atoll in the Marshall Islands. The Marshall Islands are located just west of the International Date Line and just north of the Equator.

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While the per capita GDP for the Marshall Islands is only $2300/year it is mostly made up from the US government and has little impact on the remote islands such as Namu. We have operated a 2 teacher school there in the past but it has been difficult to recruit student missionaries and the islanders have struggled to pay the $10-15/month tuition rates.

Additional Mission Opportunities

Global Missions Pioneers to turn Namu into a training center for reaching the other atolls.
Medical Evangelism
80 hp Marine Diesel Engine for inter-island travel

Draft Goals and Operating Costs for Namu SDA School


  1. To help train next generation leaders by helping the young students learn to read and comprehend clearly the written Word of God, write clearly, and have skills needed to organize and manage talents and resources for local church growth.
  2. To help students build healthy relationship with Christ, with their own family members and be an exemplary citizens of their country.
  3. To prepare and train church members to be missionaries to their own people living in surrounding islands.
  4. To teach healthy living and lifestyles by strengthening healthy habits. This can be done by i.e. training and providing resources to grow vegetables locally, teaching NEWSTART with the use of herbal, water, and charcoal treatments, etc.
  5. To be involved proactively with community needs, challenges, and concerns so that the school will reflect Christ’s love, compassion, care, and grace.
  6. To allow youth and young adults from North America hands-on experience with mission work, and allow the church members in North America a healthy way to assist the youth and the islanders through prayers and provision of resources while they themselves grow spiritually as well.

Annual Operating Costs:

1.       Teachers’ Stipend: $ 250/month x 10 months x 4 Teachers            $ 10,000.00

Note: Each teacher will teach two/three grades

2.       Textbooks and Classroom teaching resources                                     $   2,000.00

Note: Textbooks can be later applied in grants

3.       Furnishing Teachers’ Living Quarter                                                         $      800.00

Note: e.g. gas stove, gas tank, cooking utensils

4.       Maintenance Supplies                                                                                   $   2,000.00

Note: Church members will provide free labor service

5.       First Aid/Sports Equipment/Gen. Expenditure                                   $     200.00

Total Annual Expenses                 $15,000.00