I’m building the chassis using 2×2 steel for my frame.   The axle and suspension have arrived!

I’ve finally started the build.  The steel was to be delivered last Thursday, but we got hit with record snowfalls.  The steel company kept putting off the delivery.  Today (Wednesday) I finally went in and picked it up my self.  I had to have the 20 foot lengths cut to 10 feet so that I could transport them.  This worked as those lengths did not cause any waste.

12/26 – All the welding is now complete except for a couple welds once the trailers is turned right side up.  Today Jared helped by cutting some brace and tube end plates on the PlasmaCam.  Sure is easier that cutting by hand.

12/28 – Today we made the floor panel from plywood using three pieces.  We created lap joints to make one piece just under 5 x 10 feet.  We also put welded on the tongue jack and put the 2nd coat of paint on the trailer.  Yesterday we put the first coat.  We are using Rustolium Black Gloss paint.

3/25 – Bolted the floor to the chassis.  I had pre-drilled the steel cross members with holes for the bolts, but not the tabs on the side of the frame.  So I lined up the floor on the frame and marked the existing holes and the locations of the tabs on the side.  In the process I discovered that I forgot to add a tab at the center front of the frame – so I welded on a piece of 2″ angle iron.  Then I went back and drilled all the holes in the floor and put the floor back on the frame, lined everything up and then drilled through the holes in the floor to make holes in the tabs on the outside of the frame.  This is certainly the easiest way to line up the holes perfectly!  Now I used a mortise bit to counter sink the holes for the bolts.  After putting Silicone II roofing caulk in the holes to seal the wood, I inserted elevator bolts and secured them with nuts and lockwasher.  I hand intended to use steel locking nuts but couldn’t get them on without spinning the elevator bolt.

July – I still needed to find a way to attach my fenders. I didn’t want to just weld them on as I needed them to be removable. I discovered that 1″ tube steel would give me just the right offset. I cut the tube steel the correct sizes, drilled holes in the tube steel for bolts and tack welded the bolts on the inside. Then I cut steel for end caps and welded them in place. Once it was finished I welded them in place on the trailer.

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