Bikes Ordered

This last Sunday, we went down and visited Doug Fattic and ordered two Surley Long Haul Truckers. Keith will be getting a 56cm frame and I will be getting a 62cm frame. It was a trip that was very worthwhile. I learned alot about bike fitting, most importantly that I know just enought to be dangerous! These bikes that fit properly should make a big difference for the type of trip we are planning for this summer. Keith will grow, and we can replace the frame at a later time and move all the other parts over to the new frame without having to buy a completely new bike.

We also took Lois’ road bike down to get recommendations adjusting it. She has never been really comfortable on it. As we were carrying it in Doug said, “Oh. I see the problem, that bike should fit someone that is 5-3.” Lois is 5-10. So we will now be looking at replacing it with a larger bike.