Where things are in Haiti

Our family has been having some discussions about where things are as we remember them on the campus in Haiti. We lived in Haiti from 1969 to 1972. Back then, Haiti was a safer place for expatriates. We started getting others in on the discussion and so I started this post so that we wouldn’t have to e-mail around the graphic files.

So let’s get started…

If you have Download Google Earth and access to high speed Internet, here’s a Google Earth Placemark to get you started. This is of our home in Haiti. Google Earth is by far the best way to “explore” Haiti from a distance. Then we have the graphic files below. Click the thumbnail image to get a larger version of each.

Here is the campus with buildings and location numbered Closeup of houses on the hill.
Haiti Campus Labeled Haiti Houses on Hill
A side view of the houses on the hill showing elevation.
Haiti Houses on Hill at Angle

UPDATE: 12/23/07

Pastor Bernard, who was in Haiti as church pastor when we were there, and Pastor Miot with his wife, who have lived there recently, were here the other afternoon. So that was my chance! I took the laptop out to the dining room and we looked at the “maps.” Between Bernard, who knew the campus as we remembered it, and Miot, who knew what the campus is today, we figured out most buildings.
Here is the key for the campus buildings. It’s a work in progress!

  1. This appears to be new construction. The first Google Earth image shows what appears to be a building or foundation without a roof. The current one as seen in the closeup pictures how show a completed building. Is where our house was—still is the president’s house. However, there also is, up on the hillside somewhere in the vicinity of the house and above it, the initials UNAH (maybe outlined in rocks, I’m not sure) for University Adventiste d’Haiti. If you look closely one can almost make out the letters. We’re also told there are two roads up that hill now. I think we can’t actually see the house itself; we only see the letters on the side of the hill.
  2. I believe this is the president’s house where we lived. This has also been confirmed by a comment posted by Cootchill Nelson on another post. Is the old empty former bakery building that I believe Tim remembered, which is now renovated and used for something like nursing classes.
  3. Waterline – which is still there. Where it disappears to the left of our house is where it goes underground.
  4. The houses where the Weiss/Nelson families lived. However, the area looks different now because there is a new water reservoir/tank up there also, that serves the whole campus.
  5. Nelson House (see 4 above)
  6. The old pasture area
  7. The park with swimming pool
  8. Girls Dorm
  9. New library
  10. Theology classrooms (the old church)
  11. New auditorium (church). If you look closely across the main road from the church you can again make out the “UNAH” letters on the ground, for Universite Adventist d’Haiti. – Built since we were there.
  12. Was Arts/Sciences (in other words, the old administration building); is now secondary and nursing classes (mornings for one and afternoons for other)
  13. Boys Dorm
  14. Elementary School/Middle School
  15. Emballage (moving and packing industry)
  16. ADRA buildings (new)
  17. Where Olson’s lived
  18. Bakery
  19. A church (new since our day)
  20. Hospital (was clinic)
  21. – 22. One is English-language academy; other is residence; unsure which is which.
  22. See 22 above.
  23. Residence
  24. Residence
  25. May not be related to the school operations
  26. Guest House
  27. Secondary and theology classrooms (mornings for one and afternoons for other)
  28. Press
  29. Elementary School