The Route

We have begun going over the maps and planning the route for our trip.  We are using the Adventure Cycling Association’s maps which give a lot of details that make the trip planning very easy.  These maps show a route that uses lightly traveled roads with locations of campgrounds, hostels, restrooms, b&b’s bike shops, motels, grocery stores, post offices, restraunts, and service stations.  They also give you an elevation profile of each section so you can see where the climbs and descents are located.

I have planned an itinerary that will get us to Bismark, ND by the end of the third week.  This puts us at just over 70 miles on an average day.  I’m a bit concerned because this doesn’t give us much room for environmental issues.  One of the biggest enemies of a cyclist is a strong head wind.  Rain, breakdowns and other factors can throw the plans to oblivion, so we will have backup stratigies.

Now we need to begin making lists of equpment and supplies we need to take.   The planning continues.