Honor and Respect

This letter is from my “Uncle Wes” who lives in Sturgeon, Missouri. Wes served in the army in Germany at the end of World War II. We owe a debt of gratitude to those who have sacrificed to defend the freedoms we live today.

November 11, 2005Open letter to the students and Staff
Westran High School
Huntsville, MOThank you for making me feel honored for my military service. I have been a veteran for more than five decades. This time spans the era of the Vietnam War and the anti-military feelings that were prevalent back then. I got into the habit of avoiding Veteran’s Day activities – until today.

A few weeks ago, a Westran High School staff member invited me to the Veteran’s Day breakfast and program held this morning. She told me that everything was to be done by the students. I was intrigued and decided to attend. I’m glad I did. What an experience!

Entering the school premises. I was welcomed by a student who directed me to the parking area. I was met there by a young lady who welcomed me with a big smile and escorted me to the door. The greeters at the registration table were most friendly and helpful. I was then directed to the area where young men were preparing and serving the food. A young lady asked my preference of a drink and brought to me at the table.

The students honored the roomful of veterans, in several ways. They honored and respected us not only with their service and the food but by getting dressed up for us. All were wearing their finest. This also demonstrated that you feel that our military service is important.

I felt greatly honored even before the program began. That is another outstanding experience which would take too much space to relate here.

Thank you for making this old veteran regain his pride in his military service. You brought tears to his eyes. In doing this, you also showed honor and respect for your country.

Thank you again,

Wes Peterson