The Planning Begins

We have begun the planning of our bike trip this summer in ernest. Keith (my son) and I are planning to begin a bicycle trip of the Lewis and Clark Trail this summer. We will be starting just after the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s General Conference Session which will be held in St. Louis, Missouri from June 30 – July 9, 2005. The trip will begin on Sunday, July 10 and we will ride for three weeks attempting to make it as far as Bismark, North Dakota, by Friday, July 29. We will be following the trail that has been established by the Adventure Cycling Association. We currently are planning to having my Uncle Wes meet us with our van at the end of the trip so that we can journey on to the ASI Convention in Sacramento, CA in early August. Here are some links we are using in planning the trip. We currently have the following bikes:
– Trek 1220 (mine)
– Trek 1400 (Keith’s)
These are standard road bikes and not specially suited for touring due to the added weight and larger tires usually used in touring. We are considering acquiring new(er) bikes or modifying these for the trip. We have one set of smaller panniers and may consider a trailer for my bike if we use the existing bike. If you are interested in joining us for the trip or assisting in any way, please let me know.