Day 10 – Falls City to Indian Cave State Park

24 miles today – 502.3 total miles

We slept in. Finally got packed up and left the motel at about 11 am and headed to the One Stop Cafe, just one block off of US 73 (I think it was on 21st Street) to get breakfast. It’s a small cafe without much of a sign, but was recommended to us at the motel. They kindly served us breakfast even though it was past into their lunch menu time. The waitress told us that people rarely finished two of their pancakes. Keith didn’t believe her. I got two banana-nut pancakes and he got one buttermilk and one chocolate chip pancake. We got one of their home make cinnamon rolls to share. The cinnamon roll was real great and so were the pancakes. Keith ate his buttermilk pancake and about 5 bites of this chocolate chip pancake and was stuffed. I didn’t finish both of mine either. If you are going though Falls City be sure to at this cafe. Your taste buds will thank you! We rated this as the best meal we have had so far on the trip.

After breakfast we went by the library to update the web site and then got some groceries. We finally headed out of town about 1:30. Our goal was Indian Cave State Park just 25 miles north of town. We wanted an easy day after our exhausting day yesterday. With took our time and got to the park before 5. We have had a relaxing evening. We will get up early tomorrow and try to beat the heat, but with a shorter day than last time.

We called Uncle Wes this evening to get information on the church in Sioux City where we hope to have a rest day on Sabbath. Sioux City is on the South Dakota border so if we make this, we will be very pleased with our progress.