Day 9 – Watkins Bend SP to Falls City, NE – Kansas and Wind

90 miles today – 478.3 total miles

We went completely across Kansas today.  Well across the part of Kansas that the Lewis and Clark Trail crosses.

We decided to get an early start to beat the heat.  In the morning Keith had second thoughts about the early start . . .   We left camp by 7:15 and made good time.  The roads were mostly flat and we picked up southerly tailwind early in the day.  We stopped by the Lewis and Clark State Park and decided we were glad we had our rest day where at Watkins Bend.  By 9ish we were in Atchison, Kansas.  We got our first real “second breakfast” there and headed out.  On the outskirts of town a kind lady agreed to fill our water bottles.  We left Atchison to large wide valleys with great down hills and long but not super steep climbs.  We hit a top speed of 35 mph on one descent.  The tailwind picked up to about 15 miles an hour, which really made things easier.  At one rest stop a horse came by to check us out.

In Troy, we went by the Indian Monument there, filled our water bottles from a spigot at the courthouse and then went to their grocery store to get some basic supplies for Breakfast.  Town we were planning on staying at, White Cloud, was said to have groceries, but we didn’t know how much.  Troy’s selection was sparse but adequate.

By the time we made White Cloud, we were getting tired.  We had gone about 67 miles.  The map said that camping was permitted at the marina.  Well the Marina consisted of a boat ramp, a fish cleaning sink, and a pit toilet.  We went up the hill to see what stores were open.  Most buildings had a For Sale sign in the window and nothing was open.  We met Wolf River Bob who is the self-proclaimed historian and Lewis and Clark Trail guide.  He told us that there really wasn’t any commerce there or in the next town, Rulo.  We signed his guest book, that he got out of his van, and declined his offers further guiding assistance.

With the less than adequate camping facilities we decided to push on another 20 miles to Falls City.  We stopped in Rulo.  About the entire town had was a saloon.  I went in to get our water bottles filled and discovered they had a restaurant of sorts as well.  I ordered some fries to go and we at them outside and pushed on to Falls City.  Once we got there, we got Subway for supper, we were both too tired to cook, and went to the park to camp.  While sitting in the park we talked to a gentleman who told us that there was a 60% chance of rain tonight with some of it severe.  After thinking we about it a bit we decide that we had earned a night in a motel and headed for the nearest one . . .

We really overdid it today.  Tomorrow we will sleep in . . .  and then not push it.