Day 0.2 – Chain of Rocks to Hartford

Today we drove up to the Missouri side of the Chain of Rocks Bridge and rode our bicycles across to the Illinois side and connected to the Confluence Bikeway trail.  We were planning on getting water at the Lewis and Clark park just south of Hartford, but discovered upon our arrival that the Vistor’s Center was closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.  So we rode on up to Hardford and got water in a convenience store restroom.

To get to Hartford, we had to cross Hwy 3 which is a 4 lane road.  We waited at the light, but our bikes were not heavy enough to trigger the sensors so we had to wait until a vehicle came to for the light to turn.

Part of the ride was along the levy that runs right beside the Chain of Rocks Canal that the shipping traffic runs though.  It was neat to watch a tug move down the canal.  We rode faster than it traveled down stream.