Weimar College Closing

Press Release from Weimar Institute

January 28, 2008
Weimar Institute of Health & Education Board Votes to Close College

After 30 years of training Seventh-day Adventist youth and young adults for lives of consecrated ministry, the Board of Directors of Weimar Institute of Health & Education voted to close the college program as of June 20, 2008. Taking fiscal responsibility, the difficult decision came after seeking various financial and ministries solutions for several years.

“We are not abandoning our goals for the educational aspect of our program. We are going to keep that an essential part of our mission. We have to get down to bedrock and develop a solid financial foundation. We must rebuild from the ground up,” says Bob Hancock, acting Chief Operating Officer and Board Chairman.

The successful NEWSTART® program will continue as the Institute builds on its strengths. The eight-step, 18-day health recovery program helps prevent and reverse disease and is known nationally and globally.

Weimar Institute of Health & Education opened its doors in 1978 with a mission to serve the needs of others in health improvement and quality education. The academic curriculum of the College includes practical training and experience. The College grew steadily until the early 90s, training hundreds of young adults for active ministry. Recent years have seen a steadily decreasing enrollment due to changing economics and student goals.

“The Board recognizes the challenges facing Weimar Institute and the need to take decisive, concerted action. There remains potential at Weimar for future training programs in various healing arts, foreign missions and evangelism,” says Michael Orlich, M.D., acting Academic Dean.

The Board also voted to form a taskforce of business, finance and strategic planning experts to advise the Board in developing a sound, long-range plan that is consistent with its unique mission and philosophy.

The Institute’s leaders and dedicated staff are grateful for the many supporters who have prayed for Weimar through the years. They solicit your continued prayers for this new journey.

Dave Grams, a long time faculty member of Weimar Academy and Weimar College has released the following papers regarding issues related to Weimar College. He writes:

My thrust is not to point fingers and “name names” as I don’t believe that would edify anyone. But I do want to offer a survey and commentary on why it’s not surprising that Wiemar College is closing.

Then, TOGETHER we can seek solutions!

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